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Monday, March 8, 2010

The March Plan

I've been giving some thought to a plan to jump into for March. The Room of the Month and then a Central Theme...especially since the month is well underway...

  • Room of the Month: Livingroom I picked this room because it isn't that bad and feel it is doable in what is left of the month. I also picked it because my tea sets are housed in there and I really want to move forward with that simplifying task as well as put up a pleasant display in the hodge podge cabinet that now houses them. There are many drawers in this room that could also use a good declutter and organization.
  • Central Theme: Books....the central theme for March and this may extend into April ...is going to be books. In my house they are everywhere. That's why I have on my want to buy list...an e book reader...but alas funds are short and so it will be a few months before that becomes a reality...perhaps I will make it a reward for this VERY large project. I have started on the library shelves downstairs...but there's still tons to do...and random books...here...there...and everywhere....so most likely this will remain my project for April...and who knows....even May. (I've been saying this for ever and have made a little dent in the project...but now's the time to really move forward)
  • Living My Life: Budget and Diet..After some thought I decided to include an extra category called Living My Life....This category has to do more with mind set, dreams, self improvement etc. Some of the monthly goals will be practical, some inspiring, some just things I'm already working on and want to keep on track! This month I'm just going to work on two things that I've already started....One is my diet/healthy eating and the other is my budget....I have a busy 2010 Summer planned and since I am no longer using credit cards...I need to be tucking away money for some trips and things we will be doing...I've already started...In MARCH...I need to stay on track with the plan. Interestingly I am finding the more I can keep on track with these things the more in control of my life I feel and thus more likely to keep up in other areas as well....I suppose it is the sense of accomplishment....

That's the March Plan.....more details and updates to follow in the days to come...:)

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