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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Flower Pots...

Evan and I created some Easter Egg flower pots as a decor project. The four lovely colored pots were a dollar each at Dollar Tree....and I hope to use them for another Spring display after Easter. We also bought the eggs on stakes at Dollar Tree for a dollar for a package of ten. They had full size eggs on a stake...which I went back later and bought a couple packs of them...then every few nights I switch out a couple of the small for the larger ones...Evan has a lot of fun when he comes over....checking to see which ones are growing...LOL. I used moss to cover the foam that I inserted in the pots to hold the egg stakes...but you could also use some of the lovely colored Easter grass they have out now. They have it in all different colors so you could probably find it to match each pot color!!

Total Project Cost:
Four pots= 4 dollars
Foam inserts (4 in package) 1 dollar
Moss (1 bag) 1 dollar
Eggs (2 bags ten in each) 2 dollars
TOTAL= 8 dollars....!!!

After Easter I hope to turn each one into a minature faery garden using some artificial flowers and other items!!

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