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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday

It's Wild Card Wednesday!!!! I'm headed out here in about an hour on a little four day Spring Break trip...but never fear I will be back. Blogging again has helped me get a focus...makes me do stuff cause if I don't I can't write about it.

For my Wild Card...I am going to count cleaning out my purse....needed to do it anyway for the trip...:)

Remember for your Wild Card pick some little thing that you keep meaning to do...but keep putting off....And get it done! Let me tell you that once you start making progress with little things you will be more motivated to get some of the big stuff done.

Another thing I'm doing is....at the end of the day...instead of focusing on the things I did not get done....I am thinking about the things I did get done....giving myself a sense of accomplishment...and so less discouraging. Even if it's just one or two little things...!!!!

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