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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Christmas Cupboard

Well a disaster in the garage (our freezer went out and before we realized it everything was horribly spoiled) led to the creation of the Christmas Cupboard.

I had an old amoire in the garage storing some stuff. Since I was cleaning, decluttering, and organizing out there I decided to create a Christmas Cupboard out of it for my Christmas dishes. I still have one more set of dishes and some misc. pieces that I need to move out there but all in all I think it will be quite handy. They are so much easier to get to then being in a box and a high high cabinet that I had them in before.

My next goal is to organize fall and Halloween pieces in another dry sink like cabinet I have. I don't have actual "fall or Halloween dishes" but I do have assorted pieces and bowls and serving trays. After that it will be Spring and Easter's turn. Only a few there but it would be nice to actually KNOW where they are and be able to get to them!

Along with all this organizing....I hope to finish cleaning that horrid garage once and for all.....I need to get rid of a bunch of STUFF out there and this is the TIME to do it!!

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