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Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Flea Market Time

One of the things I love about warmer weather is FLEA MARKETS. I am a big fan of resale shops and flea markets. Decorating on a shoe string is a whole lot easier with special finds. Sometimes I like to "set a theme" or two for the summer. It helps to limit my buys so clutter doesn't accumulate and it also gives some fun to the hunt.

Summer 2010 Themes:

1. Mexican pottery and decor items (I'm going to decorate my office at school in Mexican art)

2. Rabbits (our 2011 Chinese New Years Eve party...ushers in the year of the rabbit so I need to collect a bunch of cheap rabbits to sit everywhere in the house.....then at the end of the night I will keep a few and sit the others out for people to take as party favors)

3. Gingerbread items: I have quite a few but I am rounding out my stuff so I have enough to really decorate the kitchen in Gingerbread come Christmas)

4. Costume jewelry: (this is for our Gypsy Caravan backyard bash...I want a basket full so guests can wear it for the event along with their gypsy attire)

Those are my four main "themes" for my summer search. Do you like flea markets? Are there certain items you are "on the hunt" for?

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