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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

July Plan

Let's just skip June totally because I am still working on the garage and just general house stuff. Plus my trip to Cozumel means June will end with a wonderful bang....and I fear the house will not get much TLC.

July Plan:

Room of the Month: Master Bedroom (yes I know it was up in May but...)

Focus of the Month: Books (again, I know) Sometimes I fear I will drown in books....they are everywhere. I still haven't bought my nook but hubby says if I don't get it before then ...it will be my birthday present in October!! Some books I love and I don't want to part with them but most of this is just silly hoarding and sentimental keeping.

Living My Life: So we have a 5-6 day camping trip planned for July and the end of July brings back...the dreaded...gasp...work....so I think my living my life goals for this month will just be to relax and enjoy the time off that I do have and to spend time with family!

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