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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lost Day

Okay...time to come clean...I have accomplished very little today...it is super hot here even with the air conditioning on and I haven't felt very well.

I have managed to keep working a bit on laundry...still loads to do...but I've done a couple. So like I said...very little done. Not even having any fun either...lol. I was hoping if I posted something...I might feel encouraged to get a few more things done this evening. So....

1. Keep working on laundry...sort ONE of the baskets that have accumulated in the laundry room.

2. Do dishes

3. Fix dinner

4. Find a spot to put Evan's Pirate Ship ...lol

5. Walk on treadmill 30 minutes

Okay...so that's not a lot but if it comes together I'll feel good. I'll check in later and let you know.

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