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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Notes

When I return from my trip...it will be JULY.....where oh where does time go? I must work my July plan better. The garage project sort of got sidetracked because of this blasted HOT weather but it's still on my mind and on my list...I am determined to conquer it...maybe not on the time line I set but little by little it will get decluttered, cleaned and organized. I have made progress but more to do!

Today is Fairy Day and my daughter's birthday so I am picking up Evan after lunch and we are making fairy bread and a fairy in a jar to celebrate Fairy Day. He is also making something for his mom's birthday! It's one of our summer Grandma Days...well it's just an afternoon but believe me he will enjoy it!

On the agenda for this morning is cleaning my bedroom as I pack for my trip. I need drawer space so I am putting a few things in a tote. They are some clothes that don't fit or fall items...I know they say to get rid of things that don't fit but I am losing some weight so plan to keep them six months and re-evaluate. If they don't fit or I don't like them then to Goodwill they will go...I'm calling this my Six Month Box and am labeling it with the date!!

So off to blog over at the Faery blog and then on to the bedroom and packing!!

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