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Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Productive Day

Today I managed to clean all the weeds out of the rock garden. They were taking over the whole thing! It looks so much better. Then I headed inside.

Inside I started on the horrid laundry room. Only did two loads of clothes but decluttered and got rid of a couple of bags of stuff. There's still more to go through but I'm pleased with the progress. I plan on working about an hour in there tomorrow to go through a few more boxes of clothes and wash a few more items.

Next cleaned the livingroom and decluttered the bottom of the dry sink that's in there. Then I put all of Evan's game in the reclaimed space. I like it because the games are out of sight but handy! I got rid of several items and found new homes for a couple of things. Started a new Goodwill box out in the garage because the last one was full and was deliverd yesterday!

Tomorrow I need a box to put the tea sets in as I gather them from EVERYWHERE...so people can choose the ones they want! Right now quite a few sets are just sitting on the coffee table. The living room looks lovely. And it FEELS clean because I didn't just surface clean....I actually got rid of stuff and organized!

While I was downstairs I wanted to tackle another shelf of books but just didn't get around to that...perhaps tomorrow! Tomorrow is also kitchen day...so we will see. Kelsey has a doctors appointment so that will cut the day short for cleaning!

Just wanted to share the joy I feel...I'm tired but I feel like I am making progress!

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