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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping on Track: August

August you are approaching quickly. I've struggled with keeping on track lately but this week has been productive. As summer's end is drawing near, I am working on getting back into some kind of routine. I'm still working on books....believe it or not but I've managed to declutter some other areas too.
August Planning:
Room of the Month: The kitchen.....I already got a bit of a head start on this because I cleaned the top shelf of the cupboard but there is still mega stuff to do. This is a great room to do for August because it gets me ready for holiday baking, menu planning and parties!
Focus of the Month: Clothes....I'm not sure exactly what or how I am going to mange this focus but something needs to change. I know it's not early enough for changing seasonal clothes. I am more concerned about going through clothes in the laundry room and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Closets and drawers are over flowing! (I'm going to continue on my shelf a week of book decluttering also!)
Living My Life: This month brings back work but the one thing I want to really cultivate in "living my life" is to get over the idea that everything comes to a stop when school starts. I still want to find time for a few fun excursions this fall.
So that's the basic plan....I am going to go one step further for August and I am going to break down the items into "weekly room tasks", "weekly focus goals" and "weekly living my life thoughts". BUT ....I know and you know the real progress comes in actually MAKING myself do the things on the list! lol

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