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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Outdoor Living Spaces

This summer has not been kind as far as outdoor living spaces but I'm hoping for a kinder autumn. I did manage to finish weeding the flowerbed behind the garage and worked on the bed in the front....at least it is coming along nicely...it is about half finished...I need lots more plants but I knew when I started that I would need to add plants a few each year. Mulching is also never ending in such a big space but what I have planted...I have mulched. I will just plan to cover with cardboard this fall what I don't get mulched so I won't have to reclaim it from the weeds next spring!

I always have lots of outdoor plans and never quite seem able to pull them off. Time and consistency...and money are the main villians. Working on it a little at a time does make a big difference though. By working about and hour to an hour and a half each morning this week I have made tons of progress. Gardens are ongoing projects and as such I have to keep reminding myself of that!

With work starting back up, I am planning to devote an hour or so on Saturday mornings to the front beds and the same on Sunday mornings to the back beds. The area behind the garage with the bed....I envision using some patio stones to create a little nook for relaxing. We don't have a lot of shade but this area is shaded by the garage and our house for a good part of the morning and some of the evening...so it would be a cute little corner. It would allow me to enjoy the planting I have in that bed also. I have a start with some of the stone work but there's lots more to do. Again it is one of those projects I will have to work on bit by bit.

I am learning more and more to be patient and to rejoice in the little progress I do make. It't tempting to give up or get frustrated when there's lots to do..so I always need pep talks!

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