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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Merry Christmas in July

Hello, Month by Month readers....Today is Christmas in July....after this....the holidays will get here quickly! There's lots to do her at Ginger's House....(lol) but today is my day off. And even as a day off I'll still be doing a few things! But after getting ready for our party yesterday...I am rewarding myself with a little "day off".

My list for today:

1. Grocery Shopping
2. Clean up after party mess...mostly trash and putting stuff away.

That's it!

I hope to hop into the Christmas Chats over at the Merry forums later today. Several of the members of the Merry Network are working on a site called rudolphday.com I hope you will check it out...it is still "evolving" but I think we will follow the year round prep framework from Magical Holiday Home plus others will be posting decor ideas, traditions, recipes, and crafts.


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