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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holiday Grand Plan and September Plan

So I have been pondering how to do my monthly plan since August 29th the Holiday Plans start. This year I will attempt the Holiday Grand Plan. I like the way I started a room a month. focus a month, and living my life....but the Holiday Grand Plan won't exactly fit that...hmmm....or will it. (Well not the room for sure) Let's see how I can combined the two.

Room of the Month: Holiday Grand Plan uses weekly rooms:
  • List Week and Cleaning Area: Front Porch
  • Question Week and Cleaning Area: Livingroom
  • Entryway/Foyer (I don't really have one so I'll do an extra week on Master Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Bathroom
Focus of the Month: Since there's two weeks of Master Bedroom (I want to paint and put down new flooring...have been trying to do this for THREE years!) I'm going to say the focus for the month is painting and flooring!

Living My Life:
  • Exercise! Goal is seven days a week....with the idea that one will most likely be dropped!
  • Plan the MT (girl's nights out for September) These are my lifelines in a crazy week!
That's a HEAVY load under Room of the Month...one of the reasons I have never finished this plan BUT I MUST do the bedroom....I would be sooo happy if I get this done before Christmas! So September it's going to happen!!!

I'll be blogging the plan here at Month by Month along with other random things...join me!

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