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Monday, August 30, 2010

Flea Market and Resale Shop Finds

So...the goal as we know is to redo my bedroom...on a shoestring budget...I have had this plan in my head for like TWO years and never managed to even start.

Color Scheme: Lavendar and Sage Green (Walls lavendar/ceiling white/accents sage green)
Flooring: Tear up old carpet: put down vinyl tiles that look like wood
Bed: Been wanting an metal headboard (think iron but not really)

So.....at the resale shop I found an absolutely hideous lamp...for $3.50. Now I say hideous....I'm going to take a before picture so you can see. The shade was a bit dirty but in good shape. The lamp was TALL and sort of a modernish look (think retro). It "called to me" though so I bought it with the intent to paint it sage green and use it in the bedroom when I finish redoing it....sort of an incentive to GET BUSY.

Then at the flea market...I happened upon a bed...headboard, footboard and frame.....metal....exactly in the style I've been dreaming of....it has a brass ball atop each post BUT the bed was BLACK....I don't want BLACK...I wanted a rustic look or white....but for the price....$95...but he came down to $85....I just couldn't resist....so with some white paint...I'll have a GREAT bed with lovely brass trim! The ones I had looked at were $695 for the HEADBOARD!!! I can just see it in the room!  And with the headboard...greenery and lights draped across the top during the holiday season! (the bed pictured above is sort of like the one I bought except ours is queen sized and has brass trim and some more details in the trim)

As you can tell I am pretty excited about this project.......I'm buying the paint over the holiday weekend....and starting to tear up that filthy horrid carpet that is in there!  I may even get the lamp spray painted....can't wait to show you the pictures!!

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