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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meal Planning

I'm struggling with getting meals organized and on the table now that school has started and most evenings find me exhausted. So I need some advance prep and planning...

  • Today I am going to preview the pantry and freezer before heading out for some grocery shopping. This last week found me picking the bottom of the barrel for lunches. I don't want to continue doing that because healthy living takes some planning!!!
  • I am needing to be VERY budget minded too so I need to make some good choices!
  • I am planning to brown some hamburger and freeze it so it's ready for some quick and easy meals. Also chopping onions and peppers etc so they are ready for the week!
  • Last but certainly not least...I need to clean the pantry and fridge...I SWEAR how do these two places get soooo messy!!!

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