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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coupons and Christmas in July!

So with all this couponing I have been doing, I decided to think about baskets that could be created with the great deals I have been finding. The picture above is sort of dark but behind the Degree twin packs of ladies deoderant are four deoderant/spray packs I picked up at Walmart. Here's how it worked:

Axe Deoderant (with a FREE spray attached) $3.44 ( I had a buy one get one free, so ended up with TWO...(so 2 deoderants and 2 free sprays) for $3.44
Since I had two of the B1G1FREE coupons....I ended up with four of the dual packs.

Axe is a great gift brand, you see the little gift packs around the holidays all cute and put together. Well I'm planning my own little gift baskets created with coupon discounts. :) They had the Axe Bodywash on sale and with coupons not too long ago but I missed those....so waiting for them to come around again so I can get some body wash....and then create some body wash, deoderant, spray gift packs. :) 

Nivea is another nice usually "pricey" item. Recently I got a couple really great deals. This is the Body Wash

It was at Walgreens for 2/$7 but you got a 2 dollar Register Reward making it like 2/$5. I also had two $2/1 coupons....so my final cost was 2/$1.00. These are nice BIG bottles so a great buy. I had some other Nivea coupons so I did the same deal again with another "scent/type" of Nivea Body Wash for Men. Two of them went into my stockpile and two went into the gift basket items. Now just watching for more Nivea products or some other items to include to round out the guys gift baskets!

I have two daughters and now that my bathroom cupboard is pretty well stockpiled with items we will daily, I will be on the lookout for similar buys to create them gitt baskets also. With the girls, there are so many more possibilities!

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