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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Declutter Update: My Art Desk Storage

I veered a bit from the "calendar" and worked on my crop/art desk a bit. It was a mess. I never realized how messy being creative is. Pens, markers, cards, paint, brushes, bits of paper, glue sticks etc etc.  So I decided I needed some desk top storage options. I am trying to limit what I bring into the house and make sure more GOES OUT...than COMES IN,,,,then I remembered these little flower pots.  I bought them at the Dollar Tree a couple years back and used them one season to "Plant Easter Eggs". They were eggs on little wooden stakes. Since then they have sit on the gardening shelf in the garage.

I LOVE their colors. There are four of them: pink, green, yellow and blue. I thought they'd be the perfect size for the desk and very pretty. In one I have placed the 3 x 5 Index cards for the ICAD challenge. In another I put some embellishements pieces that I know I'll be using in creating. The pink one is still empty while I decide it's best use. The blue one is full of pens...lots of black pens and some colored pens as well. I had already been using a little green and blue flowerpot for my paint brushes.

The other side of the desk holds a large baskets with tons of markers, my wooden calendar/journal box for daily writing and a pitcher and bowl that was my moms. The desk isn't pefect and it still gets cluttered but it's a little easier to return things to their proper place.!

I'm trying to learn to "shop home" first. It would have been easy to run somewhere...even the dollar store for some cute storage solutions....but i already had them...just needed to dig them out and dust them off!

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Jamy said...

Thanks for your tips. De-clutter in a biggie for me. I think the junk reproduces when the lights are out. Last year, I decided that for every one thing that I brought into the house, two would go out. I also wanted to work on getting rid of little bits of stuff. I'm on the road quite a bit, and sometimes when I get into a hotel room, I might realize that I forgot my shampoo or something else that I might need to run out and buy. So those are the little bits of things that I am working to reduce and it has been successful! My storage areas are more empty.
I'm working to get my home office cleaned out. I had worked from home for over eleven years, and the office is full of lots of work papers that may have come in handy at some point. Now that I realize that no one is interested in that information/history I am pitching practically all of it..but it's taking time for me to sort through the files.
I don't think I have ever found a good way to sort my mail. I'm looking for a clutter-free way to go through mail and organize it. I usually pitch stuff right out of the mailbox (I don't mean that I leave it on the side of the road, but rather sort through it and put it in the trash immediately). Any tips you have will be appreciated.