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Monday, February 6, 2012

Move It Out Monday: 52 Things in 52 Weeks

I have to admit...I haven't even started the February Declutter Calendar....yikes!  Life just gets so busy...I did GREAT in January so maybe I can get back on track for February!  While bemoaning the fact that I'm off track and wanting to write a Declutter Club Monday post....I went seraching on line for "declutter" stuff.  I found this from 2011. I didn't see an updated one for 2012...but you could follow the same outline!

The idea is to delcutter 52 things in 52 weeks....so a whole year but rather than daily (like the calendar I've been using) it's weekly. There's a list of 52 things with link to posts about delcuttering them, personal progress etc. It's worth a look. You can check it out HERE!

The truth is.....you can also make your own list of 52 items to declutter....anything from books to bowls.....from VHS tapes to computer games....Sometimes a calendar or list like the 52 Things Challenge is helpful (it does INSPIRE me) but you don't have to follow someone else's plan if you want to jot down your own. Make it personal, make it meaningful and then stick to it!!

Good luck Declutter Club members and visitors....now get to decluttering...it is Move It Out Monday!!

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