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Monday, July 23, 2012

Move It Out Monday: Groceries

How can Move It Out Monday feature....groceries?  Well for awhile there I was building up quite a stockpile of groceries. I haven't couponed in a couple months now so the stock piles are dwindling but the whole reason for this post is to remind you that....you MUST move out grocery items also! 

If one forgets, as I have on several occassions to keep track of your pantry and cupboard items...you can waste money by the need to discard items you left lingering too long on the shelves!

So this MOVE IT OUT is dedicated to groceries...

How often do you "move it out?"  Partly this depends on how much you keep at any one time in your pantry/freezer.  This varies for me. As I said for awhile there when I was couponing heavily I had quite the stockpile. Since grocery storage space is limited at our house I decided to STOP couponing for a bit and let the stockpiles diminish a bit!

Rotating your stockpile and keeping track of what you have can be time consuming. I have to balance the money I save couponing against the amount of time I spend...working with the coupons and rotating/tracking stock. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

One way to "move it out" is to take one of your move it out days a month and work through your pantry. Pull out items that have been lingering...like that box of elbow macaroni. Make a list of items you have stockpiled that you need to "move out". Then build your weekly menu using those items. Make a list for the store of the items you need to round out your menu plans!  This can save you money for the weekly grocery budget and it can also help you use up items BEFORE they expire.

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