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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogging the HGP Journey

Quick update on the first week before moving forward. I managed to mark off FOUR things this week. Not a perfect run by any means but hey FOUR are better than nothing.  Each week I always look back on previous weeks and see if there are still items I might be able to get to.  So there is till hope! 

Here's what I completed:

1. Went over all lists
2. Completed my baking list (made choice on cookies)
3. Created a master ingedients list for baking.
4. Weeded the flower beds in front

Here's what I'll keep trying to work in:

1. Sweep front porch
2. Wipe down siding near entry way
3. Put away bike
4. Put out mums on porach
5. Get new mat
6. Fix front porch light

I'm sure I will do these because most are quick and easy. I already priced the porch light now I just need to buy it and get it installed!  Good Luck everyone...now onto Week Two!

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