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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Questions Week: Sept. 2nd HGP

It's Week Two of the Holiday Grand Plan. This week is Question Week and Livingroom cleaning!
I don't do as much with questions this week as some people do but there are always a couple things to reflect on!

My List:

1. Clean fan
2. Put away some holiday glasses into a small cabinet (that of course has to be cleaned out first.)
3. Put all toys down in family room
4. Clean out the coffeee table/chest (this is an if I have time item because it can wait)
5. Dust
6. Wipte down walls and baseboards
7. Move furniture and vacumn uinder it.
8. Clean under chair and sofa cushions
9. Sort and organize dvds
10, Clear our and store American decor items
11. Put out fall decor (A FUN one!)

I'll be working this week along with the House + Holidays Plan which is starting this week in Week One: Planning and Paperwork Week!!!

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