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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Update #1

Okay....I decided to start out with a small BEFORE picture....I might work my way up to another picture of the REALLY big mess but starting out with baby steps. This is a stack of random stuff on my desk. There' coupons, bills. scraps of paper with notes about who knows what, business cards and other crazy mail stuff. I don;t know how this accumulates so quickly. Tonight while watching Bates Motel (yes I have crazt viewing habits) I'm going to work my way through this one small stack. Another night...another stack. All the stacks aren't paper...some are going to take more decision making then this small stack! :(

I typed up and filed the monthly Declutter Focus and Monthly Routine Chores behind each monthly section. Last year I worked up Weekly Focus areas (which I only stuck with for a short period of time) that I'm keeping in place also.

I also placed a monthly birthday reminder list behind each monthly section, as well. These sections will evolve more as time goes by so I'll post when I add anything new.

In the last post I mentioned the April Declutter Focus (the office) and the Monthly Routine Chores (Clean pantry and Clean linen closet) so now I'll just add what I have on the Weekly Focus List.  I could probably change the weekly focus to go more with the Declutter Focus but I figure I need to try to keep getting things done in ALL areas of the home so I will try them as I originally planned them.

April Weekly Focus List:

Week One: Desk (works well since it's office declutter month!) Also that's WHY I'm working on that stack tonight!

Week Two: Files (again pretty great because I have a file drawer in the desk in the office that I can work on)

Week Three: Garden Shelves  (Now these are in the garage but still a good time to attack them because spring might actually be here. Shhh don't tell Mother Nature I said that)

Week Four: Flower beds (Hopefull it will be warm and nice by the end of April and a good time to work outside.)

Any Fifth Week is a Wild Card Week. Not sure what I will tackle this week. I'll keep you posted.

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Luludou said...

wow Ginger you sure are staying focused! great ideas.