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Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Update #2 More Pizza Box Sorting

So I ran into a bit of a problem today that may delay my progress of decluttering the office this month....the TERMITES are back...UGH. Which means another cleaning of the garage and basement area so the guy can reapply the poison. YUCK.
But I felt a bit inspired today so I decided to declutter a bit more in the office before moving in another direction (the garage) tomorrow. I can't remember if I posted my pizza box organization here or over at The Creative Spirit. I ordered like a flat of 50 14 x 14 pizza boxes to use in my paper tower and for some other items. Well needless to say...I had some left over!  As I looked at the mounds of stuff....and you may think I'm kidding when I say mounds (I'm not) I thought I need to sort this stuff or I'm never going to get anywhere. So dear hubby put together the remaining pizza boxes and as I went through the stacks I sorted items into them. I just used a post it note as a temporary label because right now they are "holding spots"  
There's still mounds and stacks to get through but at least I have made a dent in it and the things in the boxes can be located when I need them.  They aren't the prettiest looking things but it is certainly better than piles, and piles, and piles, of stuff.

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