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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Menu Planner

I decided recently to create a menu planning notebook. I currently have two notebooks that I use for this purpose but they have never been fully organized and I have sort of neglected them of late. Included in the two notebooks (one for Autumn and Winter, and one for Spring and Summer) are seasonal menu rotations that I developed a couple years ago. Each season has five weeks of menus that you can rotate through the season.

Right now I am leaning more toward monthly menu plans (a whole years worth) but I also wanted a section in the notebook for the seasonal menu rotations. I might use them again sometime or at least use weeks or parts of them in the monthly planning. So I created a little divider page for the Seasonal Menu Rotations (shown above). I am trying to make the notebook "pretty" so that I tend to use it more often.

I also ordered an actual personalized binder from Zazzle to be the Menu Planning Notebook. It should arrive in a week or so and when it does I'll post pictures and some more details about the monthly sections.

Do you plan weekly? monthly?  seasonally? or a whole year at a time?  I'd love to hear about how you menu plan. 

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