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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Month by Month Notebook Revamp...

As I posted earlier I am revamping the Month by Month notebook. Behind each section is the monthly list with Declutter Focus and Monthly Routine Chores. I took chores that need to be done once a month or every few months and divided them out throughout the year putting a few each month. 
Next I decided that I wanted a weekly-daily list.  It's a weekly list because it shows the whole week but it is really divided up by days. This is not my first such list. I'm not good at long term commitments but I know that developing habits will certainly help things from accumulating.
 I started small with little things that I feel like build up but which if kept on top of would really make a difference. Mine are most likely not what you would choose. That's fine...each person needs to decide what one-three things they NEED to do each day. For me they are not the same each day and some are very specific...like clean the litter box and some are very general like clean bedroom. I also realize that I might not have time in the evening after work to completely clean a room (or have the energy) like this evening. On the list is the bedroom. In the past I would have skipped it all together because I didn't have the time to do the whole thing. But instead this evening...I hit the hot spots...clothes on foot of bed, dresser top and shoes to put away. Not perfect but I feel like I have accomplished something so I consider it a win!
I'm not sure I have just the "right" combination on my list but I am going to stick with it for six months and then revise as needed. This list stays the same EVERY week.  Then I looked at my monthly declutter and routine list...How could I add those items to the weekly list so a little gets accomplished each day and the things are marked off the list by the end of the month?  See my solution above...little sticky note strips. I wrote chores from the monthly list on them and stuck them to the to do sheet.  If by chance I don't get to something I can transfer the sticky to a new day. When the chore is done I can throw the sticky away.
I'm still working on making this a true working notebook and something that doesn't just collect dust....watch for more posts in the future. 

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Luludou said...

lots of great ideas on here Ginger. The best saying I heard today about decluttering was 'anything is better than nothing'