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Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Menu Planner

My new menu planning binder arrived from Zazzle.com  I bought a customized one. While I wouldn't normally spend quite so much on a binder, I wanted something that was cute and that I might use more often because of that (and the investment). I like it!  I'm already plotting about buying another one (already picked out the design) for my updated Month by Month notebook.

The background is kind of rustic wood and you can write your own title! There's some checked trim along the spine and I customized the spine with wording too.

I've sort of run out of ideas and I'm only to June so I hope I can dig up some more recipes. For some reason I always have trouble with the summer recipes. Once I get to autumn and winter, I'll have tons to use again. I am also using some basics too, like tacos, hotdogs, and such.

I'll update again later on the menu plans and recipes. Hmmm....they have some really nice Christmas recipe notebooks on that site too.....(addicted)


Diedra said...

Great Idea and nice work on the menu planner

Luludou said...

very nice binder