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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Update and New Binder

So April is over....and my goal for the office...well it got a little sidetracked but I made progress. This is a hard time of the year for those who work in schools, what with testing, end of year events, and the general feeling of "oh I'll wait for summer to do that." sometimes I'm surprised I get anything accomplished!

So on to exciting news....my new Month by Month binder....

I picked a autumn like design after looking at hundreds of them. I like it. Autumn is my favorite season so it works for me!

Here's the spine:

And the very back.....

Now I just need to find some dividers I like....it would be great to have some with monthly designs on them. I scraped some of the ones I have in there now...but not all of them and at this point I'm ready for a new set!

I created a little four months at a glance sheet to go in the front of the binder.

I like it so much I'll probably create a four month one for September through December...my favorite time of the year!!

So I'll be back in the next post to tell you the plans for May!! 

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