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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Goals

I'm blogging again and trying to keep myself accountable. Is it possible?  We shall see. I've created two goal sheets for August.

One Thing List:  This is a list that's tucked into the August section of my notebook and I have jotted down "one thing" to do each day.  I figure if I can mark off at least one thing each day I can call it a success.

On the One Thing List are things like clean out the linen closet, clean under the bed, and dust the ceiling fan. They aren't major tasks but I need something to get myself motivated in  the right direction.

It's back to school this month too and that is always a challenge. The plan is to retire at the end of this year. So I have also taken on a task over at Ginger's Journey to blog this my last year in education. So as always I am spreading myself a little too thin.

Personal Monthly Goals:  This is a system/project whatever you want to call it that goes all the way back to my days on the forums of Organized Christmas. I'm not sure who started the idea but the focus was on setting personal goals each month in different areas of your life such as, family, marriage, hobbies, spiritual, etc. I wanted to get back to doing it because I feel like the more I focus on something the more likely it is to actually come into being. I printed a neat little sheet to track one simple goal in each of eight areas.

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