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Monday, September 2, 2013

September Declutter Club

It's time for September Declutter Club and just in time for the holidays. Many of you are starting holiday plans and whether it's the Holiday Grand Plan or House and Holidays Plan a wee bit of decluttering will make the whole process more worth while.

I've decided to continue by One Thing a Day list and have included lots of decluttering as daily tasks. Clutter is something that tends to accumulate a lot at my house. I have to be honest with you. With the Labor Day weekend I'm already behind. Never fear...some days I'll just do two things to catch up with the days I missed.

Big decluttering jobs are very rewarding but I seldom have the chunks of time necessary to tackle those BIG jobs. I'm finding that a little here and a little there does add up though! t's nice to open a drawer and be able to find just what I want!

The choice is yours......

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