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Monday, October 7, 2013

Make-Over Monday: Kitchen Cabinet Tops.

So I was just thinking the other day about how I have let Month by Month sort of slip. It's hard to get motivated to write about cleaning, decluttering, and getting organized all of the time and make it FUN!   It's important, don't get me wrong....just hard to write about....especially those times when the house is well.....sort of a disaster!

So this weekend I was talking with my daughter about how "blah" I think the kitchen is. I don't really need or want to paint it but I want to "jazz it up" a little. She mentioned how I used to turn things out more for the seasons by putting different stuff on top of my cabinets.  Honestly....it's a lot of work and I had gotten away from it because I just can't climb up on the counters like I used to ...to arrange stuff. Soooo....I told her that since it was her idea she has to climb up there for me. Tonight we are taking everything down from up there and cleaning the tops of the cabinets. They look like this now:

Quite a few years ago I started collecting crocks and such. I still like them but they are pretty bland.

There's not a lot of space between the cabinet top and he ceiling so that does somewhat limit what we can use up there.

This is the area over the sink where there's no cabinets but a shelf sort of times in all together.

No here's the kicker....I don't want to go buy a bunch of stuff...I mean the whole point of decluttering is that I have too much stuff to clean, store, and use all ready. So I will be sorting through the fall stuff to see what we can use. I might buy a couple of pumpkins to use but nothing else. "Use what I have and repurpose" is the goal for this make-over.

I'll be back next Monday with the "after" pictures!!


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