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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bikes, Books, and Balance

Let me just tell you technology is a whole lot easier than living life.  I started out yesterday with a 40 minute bike ride which took me 20 minutes to recover from. My goal is to ride my bike every Tuesday and Thursday mornings so I plotted out a course and off I went.

Yes this is the bike I received as  gift at my retirement party. I rode it a lot in May but not so much in June what with being gone to Alaska. So anyway....off I went.
Let me tell you I am either going to conquer that hill or it's going to kill me. Ok let's be honest, it isn't even a hill, but it is a slow steady LONG incline. And about half way up it on the third round of the course it feels like Mount Everest.
 There are two smaller inclines on the course also. Some asked why I would do the course three times rather than making a longer route. They want to know if I get tired of the same scenery. What scenery?  I'm so busy concentrating on pedaling and breathing I don't have time to be looking at scenery. I will conquer this course and then in  September plot a different one with perhaps some scenery. Maybe I'll be ready for scenery in September I don't know. LOL

We spent part of No Technology Tuesday with my in laws. Evan is doing No Tech with me and so he didn't bring his Kindle, instead he played with his water gun, picked things from the garden with grandpa and worked on a Lego set. After lunch we headed back to Warrenton for the library program. Evan wanted to know if a movie is technology because this weeks program was a movie day at the library. We had already decided NOT to include TV in the No Tech day but rather to try and limit it those days. I browsed though the books and picked out a couple. The movie was an hour and a half long so I read (and let's be honest RESTED) while Evan went into the movie room for the showing.

Like I said No Technology is exhausting me...

What did I miss on No Technology Tuesday?  The thing I missed the most was not Facebook, not my Kindle, not even Google. What I missed most was texting. It's not even that I text that much but just having the phone there as a "life line" to people, to schedule daily plans, to check on things. I called my friend in the evening just to chat and I joked that Facebook was "happening without me and what if I was missing something" Well guess what...whatever I missed is still there today, in my newsfeed, waiting.

While I missed texting the most I think my smart phone is actually the most time consuming "tech" I have. Old phones, not so much, but the new smart phones are phones, cameras, internet, Facebook, games and all sorts of other distracters. When one gets a bit bored, they simply pick up their phone. It's a blessing and a curse. But what if when people got bored that got creative instead? Creative in what they do. Rather than picking up a phone what if they told family stories, painted, journaled, played games, took walks and just "mused".

I just asked Evan what he missed most on No Tech Tuesday and he said he really didn't miss that much and it wasn't that hard to do because he had a Lego set to work with. There were a few times I'm sure he really wanted to get on his Kindle but when that wasn't an option he found something else to do.  I'm actually kind of surprised he didn't whine or complain but he didn't even asked to get on it as he was busy with other things which is the whole point. There are other things to do.  He has agreed to participate again in No Tech Tuesday next week....but he thinks No Tech Thursday is just too much. LOL so we will see.

It's all about balance. Technology itself is neither good nor bad and NO I am not getting rid of my smart phone. However, even when we cease to do No Tech Tuesdays I will continue to strive to have more balance and a little less technology in my day. This will happen naturally for Evan as school starts in a few weeks. But even then his mom has told him he is not going to be on his Kindle all evening at home!

I'd love for you to join me for No Tech Tuesday next week and share your experience with me here at Month by Month or over on Facebook.

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