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Monday, July 21, 2014

Delays, Doctors, and Sideways Days

I thought I better get a quick post up because tomorrow is No Technology Tuesday. Honestly today was VERY little technology Monday. I started out the day with a list, revised it like four times and ended up tired and ready for bed. Like RIGHT NOW but like I said....wanted to get my writing bug out of my system so I'm not tempted tomorrow. My friend Cresia says I'm never going to make it......Cresia.....this is what I'm telling myself.....

Any way....updates.....
I started out great sticking to blogging and breakfast first thing on Monday morning, although my Great Alaska Adventure post took longer than I thought it would. I started some laundry so still on the right track. Then Cresia texted to say she was at school and so I could bring Evan up to look round Warrior Ridge Elementary (because he's changing buildings this year)
Since that took us till almost lunch time, Evan and I decided to have lunch with Cresia at Wendy's. Then while we were eating Stacie called and wanted to bring us by a little gift. So I mean who can say no to that?
Aren't they sweet....she couldn't get the machine to make one with Cresia's name so had to go with her last name... :)
Then we started talking about cakes and Evan was full of questions about what the cakes were so then I had to take him by the courthouse to see the Warren County cake.
Finally back home, Katie picked Evan up for a doctor's appointment so I was thinking maybe I'd get back to working the plan. Nope!  She called and because Evan has been running a fever off and on for the last six weeks the doctor was sending him for more blood tests (already had a round of them a month ago) and Evan wanted me to go with him. So really what else can you do when your grandson needs some reassurance. So off we went to the lab to get blood drawn.
 Back home, went to the gym to work out then dinner and then time to pick Evan up from vacation bible school which I'd already "promised" to do.
A "sideways day" ...but one well spent. We always have choices about the way we spend our time and sometimes a sideways day...can be no other way.

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