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Monday, August 11, 2014

August, School, and Plans

I know we are well into August but you know what they say...better late than never. I've actually had the plan on paper I just forgot to blog it. This is a bit of a weird day for me as it is the first "official" day of teacher work days and I'm not there!  It doesn't really feel happy or sad...just different.

Anyway before I share my August Plan I wanted to give a brief update on July. Things that went well and things that sort of fell through the cracks. Fifteen Daily worked pretty well. July was paper control so every weekday I worked on it for 15 minutes. I think there might be 2-3 days that I missed doing it. Seasonal Chore worked out fairly well. It was weeding flowerbeds and I worked on it about 3-4 times during the month. I really needed more! The Grocery Challenge was a great success but the Room of the Month the basement only got minimal attention! I managed Move It Out Monday for the month but I don't think there will ever be an end to clutter control here. So that brings us to August. I decided to keep a lot of the same format.

Move It Out Monday: Every Monday

Seasonal Chore: Flowerbed work

Grocery Challenge: Continue

Fifteen Daily:  Creative Stuff Control (so need this one)

Room of the Month: Still the basement (I already had this down for both July and August)

Blog It:  Blog at least four times a month

I'm going to continue the Spiritual, Bon Appetit, Read, See, Watch and Create Goals but I do not really have them clearly defined.

Happy August everyone....make a plan and work it!

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