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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Great Grocery Challenge Week Three

It's time for another grocery challenge update!  This week has been super busy with happy and sad news so my mind has been occupied with things besides blogging. Such is life!

Employee Discount amount= $9.72

Paper Coupons= $18.92

Ibotta Credit: $8.25 plus 1.50 in bonus for a total of $9.75 that I transferred to my PayPal. I'm going to use this towards my Christmas shopping. I just started so I won't accumulate a ton by the end of the year but every little bit helps. So far I have a total of $21.00 and that's just in two weeks!

TOTAL= $38.39  Now that's a nice amount for really very little work. I also stocked up on some items that I won't be needing now for awhile. Sometimes people find it hard to stock up during good deals because they look only at the weekly budget but you really have to take a longer range approach. Now I don't stock up TONS....like you see some people doing where they have to rotate their stock, watch expiration dates etc. However if there's a good deal and it will "keep me" in something for 3-6 months (or even weeks) I go for it,

I'll give you an example. It's not even the most profitable one I've ever done but its one from this week.

Excedrin is a product we use on a fairly regular basis. I know some of you don't and that's fine, I'm simply using it as an example (insert whatever product you use regularly).

This is $ 9.74 at Walmart for the 100 count bottle but they happened to have some bonus bottles where you get 25 extra tablets PLUS I had $2.50 cents off coupons that were good for this week only. Now who really wants to spend $7.24 on a bottle of Excedrin? No one really BUT if you know it is something you are going to use you might as well "fork over" the money when you can get a good deal (25% more in each bottle plus the $2.50 coupon). I had two....I bought two....quite a hefty investment but guess what? I don't have to worry about buying it again for a LONG time.

You have to invest money to make money or in couponing you have to invest money to SAVE money. It's a mind set that I've had to work on. You also have to balance it. I don't need to buy four or six or ten bottles of Excedrin....even if they don't expire....you know WHY? Because by the time I run out of these two bottles there will be another good deal. I don't have to take up valuable shelf space. I just have to be aware of my families needs and buy accordingly.

Here are a couple smaller and more short term items.

Clorox Bleach Spray. I use it a lot in my kitchen/counter tops etc. I had a 75 cents off coupon that was going to expire. That made it a good enough deal to buy even though currently I am not "out" of it.  Same with Resolve stain spray for laundry. I had a dollar off that was going to expire. I still have a half full bottle but I used the coupon and bought another. This isn't a great stock up deal but still worth it.  Let me also say there were coupons getting ready to expire that I decided not to use on some other items. I left them on the shelves for others to snag if they needed them.

Overall I think my grocery challenge is going very well.  I'm saving between $30-40 dollars a week. That adds up!!

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