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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chaos, Clutter and Working the Plan

My house is STILL in disarray. How can this be after devising such an awesome plan?  Here's how.

In my kitchen I decided to clean out the pantry and really ORGANIZE it. The way it was set up was just not working at all. It is a very deep half closet and is really difficult to work with. The back of the shelves had become a hodgepodge of items without homes. I recently bought a food processor and a kitchen aide stand mixer which I wanted to store somewhere easy to reach.  So I took EVERYTHING out of the pantry. (the first two shelves not the very top one as I organized it a couple weeks back)  You can imagine this created quite a mess. I purged many items but the kitchen table is still full of things (mostly storage jars) that I am wondering what to do with!

I know you are thinking, "this doesn't look too organized" but believe me it is so much better than it was that I am delighted!
Now add to that the fact that I moved an old wash stand that had three drawers full of "stuff" out of the living room and into my bedroom. Thus requiring that I move a dresser with three drawers worth of stuff out of my bedroom and you can see how I have a bunch of "stuff" to do something with. Also add to this the fact that I in my ultimate wisdom stopped everything for two days to work with a box of tomatoes from the garden and make freezer spaghetti sauce and salsa. Well.....the tomatoes were going to be wasted if I didn't!!
Now it would be easy to just stuff things back here, there, and anywhere that I can find space BUT that's how it got so crazy to begin with. So I have been slowly sorting, purging and finding homes for the "keepers". It's a slow process and I feel like in the meantime I am living in chaos. I just keep telling myself that once I get through it all everything will be so much easier to keep clean and organized!
I'll be back with an update soon and hope I'll have more success to report!

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