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Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Ready for September: The Plan

It's almost September and with the heat wave we have going on here, I'm hoping September brings some cooler weather.  I'm going to mix up the September plan a little.  First though let's look at how the August plan went overall.

The Good:
  • Grocery challenge went well every week!
  • Move It Out Monday: I managed to move out a lot of unwanted/unneeded clutter
  • Bon Appetit: We tried a lot of new recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Exercise goals: great the last half of the month
  • Room of the Day: has worked pretty well, none are actually spotless but as long as I keep cycling through they should get in place!
  • Tomatoes and Peppers weren't on the list but I've spent a lot of time this month preparing things for the freezer!
The Bad:
  • Basement (Room of the Month): let's face it I only REALLY did a good cleaning session ONE time this month. I did manage a couple of minis but not anywhere near where I need to be.
  • Seasonal Chore: flowerbeds, overrun with weeds, the heat wave is partly to blame.
  • 15 Minute Daily:  I had such high hopes for this one as I did great with it in July (fun to mark off the list each day) but the problem is the office/craft room is a disaster and I was not even sure where to begin. I need to put the craft room on the major overhaul list and pick something more manageable for the daily 15
The September Plan:

Daily Rooms: This will stay the same with the addition of the basement. I am making the basement the Friday Room of the day and moving my bedroom to Thursdays. I typically don't "do" a room on Thursday because that's grocery shopping and menu planning BUT I have to be realistic. If I am "taking weekends off" which is how I've been working the plan then I need to slot the basement somewhere. Realistically once I get the bedroom decluttered and in shape it will be a "quick" room of the day.

Room of the Month: The Garage  I sure hope the weather let's up or I mean to rethink this one.  The garage is a big part of my declutter and storage plan so I need to get to it. I also need to clean out the fridge that is out there in prep for parties etc that will be coming up.

Special Project Room: Office/Craft Room Work on this at least three hours once a week.

Seasonal Chore: I am keeping this the flower beds.

Move It Out Monday: This is a MUST as I have lots to move out.

15 Minute Daily: Drawers, these can be anywhere in the house.

Exercise: Bike ride Tuesday and Thursday Gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Halloween Countdown Plan: This starts officially September 21st but I plan to set aside time each week to update my Halloween Notebook and party plan.

Holiday Grand Plan: This start August 31st!  It's a house cleaning and holiday prep plan so I'll be working bits of it into my weekly routine.

  • My goal this month is to get into checking my home planner/notebook EVERY morning and every evening. To update the to do lists etc on a regular basis as this really is the only thing that helped me accomplish anything in August at all!
  • Update Halloween Notebook (weekly)
  • Update Christmas planner (weekly)
That's the September plan along with blogging and posting at the Magical Holiday Home forums! It's going to stack up to be a busy month!

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Diedra said...

Love your plan and how you change what you need to so you can get it done.