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Monday, November 3, 2014

Days, Decor, and Enjoying Your Home

It's Move It Out Monday, one of my favorite days here at Month by Month. I've come to appreciate decluttering because it allows me to create a home that is calm and "cute". It's not just a house filled with junk but a home filled with love and loving touches.

I decluttered the bedroom in October and then created a fun little space to share just a few fun things each month, It makes me smile every morning when I get up and it also helps not being surrounded by mounds of clothes!  It's not elaborate but it makes me smile and our homes should make us smile!

And when November 1st rolled around it was so simple to take down the October and put up a little November display. It makes the bedroom feel fresh and new!

I have created a few places throughout my home for little seasonal displays. The one below had Halloween stuff and then when November rolled around I just took out the Halloween related items and put in the turkeys and Thanksgiving. Presto change-o a new look.

Halloween 2014

                                                             Thanksgiving 2014

I'm already thinking ahead to December, January, February.  December I have tons of Christmas stuff so that should  not be a problem. I'm think it should be my Santa display!

                                              This is the kitchen Thanksgiving display.
I also changed up the shadow box display in the living room by replacing the Halloween with turkeys and Thanksgiving. I still have a couple empty spots that I'll add a few more items to.

You might be thinking CLUTTER...but the truth is, it's cute, it's me and it's what makes a home feel special. The only way I was able to do it though was to get rid of a lot of clutter. To let go of things I've been hanging on to. Decluttering is not about getting rid of everything and having bare space. It's about making room in your home for love and d├ęcor that makes you smile!


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