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Monday, November 24, 2014

Cleaning Routines

Last week I wrote about using Cozi on your computer or phone to help you stay on track but if there are some of you that prefer a paper and pencil worksheet, this is a good one from Happy Money Saver.  I really like it because it is editable so you can personalize it for your own use. The "days" are already set though so if you have other rooms or don't like the daily room then this might not work for you. I mean I've just memorized the daily rooms I set up so changing them would really throw me off.  
Here's another version from Zoo Cutie Printables.
I've struggled a lot over the years with which printable or even which schedule to use. I've set up notebooks, cleaning schedules and card files. NOTHING seemed to work or at least I didn't stick with it for very long. Now that I'm retired I realize that time really is a big factor.  Working full time and expecting to complete these daily lists of chores is just too much. But really the biggest deterrent is lack of routine. Develop a routine (make it realistic, even just two things each day) then stick with it. Over a period of time it will make a big difference and your house will be easier to keep clean.
By the way....today is Move It Out Monday.....so move out some clutter today and make it even easier to clean your home!

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