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Monday, November 10, 2014

Zones, Rooms, Weeks, and Months

So I'm sitting here blogging this morning and watching the clock, realizing that I'm a little behind schedule with what I want to accomplish today because I did an extra post instead of just the two I had planned. I usually try to be done blogging by 8:00 and it's almost 9:00. So I'll keep this short and sweet this morning. Today's post is about of all things, sticking to a schedule. Yep on the one day I planned to write about keeping to a schedule...I'm off schedule. Life you like to play cruel jokes!

Let's be honest, I'm not very good at sticking to schedules and that's why I have a ton of declutter hot spots and other half finished endeavors. Now that I'm retired the schedule is a self imposed one but it's still important. Important to me anyway. I need to feel the victory of overcoming a messy house and the freedom of getting rid of clutter. I've been working my self created schedule now for about two months and it has worked wonders for my home. It's no where near spotless yet but the difference is amazing. I can find things, I actually end up with some extra time to be creative, and I feel lighter in spirit.

It doesn't matter if you choose a weekly schedule or a monthly one. It's not important if you work zones, areas, rooms or hotspots. Just set up a schedule and work it every day. Now I've always struggled with how to keep up with my daily tasks and take on a more complex project like cleaning the basement. I've played around for years with plans and schedules and checklists. Through the blessing of retirement I now have the time to implement the hodge podge one I've put together from several sources plus my own needs. If you work full time, let's face it....you will need to make a simple schedule or it's just not going to happen. If you have small children your schedule will need to look different also. No one schedule fits everyone.

It has taken me TWO full months to even start to think I'm getting somewhere. My main focus has been the living areas of the house, places we use every day. Now I can quick clean them in less than an hour a day so I can add in some time to start chipping away at some major projects.
Here's a quick look at how my plan works but it's also flexible in case something needs more attention etc.
  • Monday is quick pick up the house. Living room, bedroom, bath and kitchen. Office also if time allows. It is also clean the living room day so that room gets extra attention. In addition to that I try to work in whatever FlyLady zone it is. (This week it is the baths and one extra room) So each day I pencil in a Zone chore to do. I don't really follow hers but sometimes I do. So today I am working in the extra room (the office) and I am organizing and putting my albums into a pretty basket. Two loads of laundry also get done today.
  • Tuesday another quick pick up and the room that gets extra attention (a deeper cleaning) is the bathrooms. Two loads of laundry and time in the Zone. This day I'll clean under one of the bathroom sinks.
  • Wednesday is another quick pick and the room of the day is the kitchen. I'll work in the Zone for 15-30 minutes. I've picked some shelves in the office that need cleaning and decluttered.  Laundry as needed.
  • Thursday is a quick pick and then grocery shopping day. I don't put a room on this day as I know grocery shopping will be enough to accomplish. I'll still do 15-30 minute Zone chore though.
  • Friday starts with a quick pick then the Master bedroom is the room of the day. Laundry if needed and work in the zone 15-30.
Now I am adding declutter projects for 15-30 minutes each day for some major hotspots in my home. No more than 15-30 or it becomes overwhelming. So my focus this week is the family room in our basement. It tends to get ignored and accumulates all manner of odds and ends.
So to keep it simple:
  1. Always do a quick pick each day
  2. Always do a deeper cleaning of the room of the day
  3. Always work in the weekly zone 15-30 minutes (pick a task for each day)
  4. Laundry (take care of the monster)
  5. Declutter tasks in a major hotspot 15-30 minutes.
It is taking time but I am at the point where the quick pick up goes pretty fast and the deeper cleaning of one room isn't so overwhelming. That is why I am now adding in some of the more overwhelming areas that I need to deal with. 

I'm sharing this with you in the hopes that you will develop your own schedule to fit your needs. I've struggled for years doing one method or another but not really sticking to them. It doesn't matter whether you do FlyLady, Holiday Grand Plan, Organized Home's plans or your own hybrid plan. The truth is....stick to it and you will see a difference. Start small.

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