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Monday, February 9, 2015

On Track for a Great Week

I keep kicking myself because I had just gotten into my home routine and everything was going smoothly...then Christmas and I told myself it would take a while to recover from the holidays.....and then I decided to work a couple of days a week and now I feel like I am struggling to get back on track!  Everyone keeps saying well how did you do it when you worked full time...Let's face it....I didn't!!

I decided I am WHAT makes the week work...and so therefore....This week I pledge to make it a GREAT one....not a perfect one. To mark things off my list and move forward in my daily routines. One of which is doing my daily blogs on different blogs each day! It's Monday and I'm marking it off the list...blog at Month by Month!

It's Clean Week....I'll be focusing on the Master bedroom.

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