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Monday, February 16, 2015

Skinny Eating

I'm adding a new label here at Month by Month, called Skinny Eating. It will be tips and recipes about eating healthier.

I've been trying what I called "skinny eating" since the first of the year and have lost over 17 pounds so far. I am mostly following the Weight Watchers Points Plus program which I would recommend to anyone. I know there are other programs out there but many of them are based on buying their special foods, which after all aren't really special at all. They are just prepackaged meals that help you take the guess work out of cooking, measuring etc. However along with my "skinny eating" pledge I also wanted more organic, whole fresh foods therefore eating frozen or prepackaged meals just doesn't appeal to me.

There are several websites that have helped me immensely in finding flavorful and lower calorie/points recipes. Mostly it's all about rethinking what you use in your cooking. There are often lower fat/calorie options that you can substitute in for the higher calorie ingredients. Here are some of my favorite recipes so far.....

Breakfast Quiche  (3 Points Plus)

Chocolate Bananas Boat  (2 Points Plus)

Skinny Lasagna Ole  (6 Points Plus)

Fold It Pizza  (9 Points Plus)  (Can make it slightly lower points with "lite" fold it bread)

I'll share some additional recipes after I try them out!

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