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Monday, June 8, 2015

Updating When I'm Going Nowhere

So I'm off track...big time...there are more projects getting added every day and "things" are piling up.  I decided to try to get back on my blogging schedule this week and so here I am blogging on Month by Month.....but what do you say when you are "stuck"? I decided to take a look at the list I put up last month!  P stands for a partially met goal and the X is accomplished.

[ P] Meet the 1000 words a day challenge for writing my book, The Birthing Tree.

[P ] Add weekly posts to the Soul Musings-52 Weeks book

[  ] Stick to the blogging schedule each week

Home Projects:

[  ] Tear up carpet in hallway and lay tile

[  ] Office Makeover project (this is a huge one)

[  ] Laundry room redo (another biggie)

[X] Finish patio project behind garage (Met except for pea gravel)

[ P] Finish corner garden

[X] Do the garden table(s)

[P] Finish fairy gardens in front beds and pot on front porch


[P] Get creative again....do anything!

 [  ] Write and keep to monthly life goals

Things that weren't on the list that I did....

1. Cleaned linen closet
2. Sorted my jewelry
3. Cleaned front porch
4. Started taking down wallpaper border in kitchen
5. Sort three bins of toys in basement and took to Agape (like Goodwill)
6. Cleaned my closet and dresser drawers (purged stuff)

When I actually look at the list I start to realize that I have made progress. It's not perfect...its sort of messy...but hey I am getting there!  Obviously I am keeping the list for June. Now back to work!

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